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Getting ready for the holidays - Advent in Zagreb

Give yourself the gift of Advent in Zagreb and spend some time in the special atmosphere which envelops our city during that time of year and draws an increasing number of tourists from all over the world to our city like a magnet.

If you have not experienced Advent in Zagreb, now is the right time to start planning a trip which will take you to a most fascinating winter fairy tale, one which is hard to put into words. For many of you who cherish the winter holiday season the most, this is also an invitation to spend it in the special atmosphere which envelops Zagreb and turns it into a fairy tale land. All the streets and squares in the heart of the city feature big stages where back-to-back entertainment continues until late at night, giving one and all a taste of holiday charm. You will have loads of fun and spend some quality time not only with family and friends but with other well-minded people. 

You are all invited and welcome to partake in Advent in Zagreb, which will be held from November 28 till January 10. All you have to do is look for something you like on the list of happenings and head for the right location. Let us mention but a few. Ban Josip Jelačić Square will be the centre of various daily entertainments, while the sounds and rhythms of waltzes and evergreens will again be heard throughout beautiful Zrinjevac Park, making your feet move with gay abandon. The sounds of Strauss' music will resonate through the Oktogon Arcade and from the balconies of Zagreb's old buildings. A handful of interesting events will take place in the European Square, including concerts, exhibitions, etc. Traditional seasonal delicacies will be offered at food stalls. You will be able to prepare some of them yourself if you join an Advent Tour, which will give you the insight into old Advent customs in a somewhat different way.

The particularly interesting programme known as “Fooling around”, which occupies Tomićeva and Kurelčeva Streets, offers a signature design and a relaxed atmosphere. An innovative and fresh approach to gastronomy and culture is the reason why this programme is always packed with people who know that something interesting is always happening there. But there is even more, as various themed programmes will take place in other streets and squares, while the youngest patrons can look forward to the best of entertainment in the Ice Park at King Tomislav Square. Once again, an amusement park will be erected next to the magnificent building of the Art Pavilion in Zrinjevac. Besides an ice rink, the children’s favourite, there will be other attractions galore. 

The story about Advent in Zagreb does not stop with that; there will be many other interesting events, including the fair of unconventional objects of art, the so-called Artomat, in the Home of Croatian Artists, which will gather creators in different fields of artistic activity… Therefore, give yourself the gift of Advent in Zagreb and see for yourself what makes it so special. You can already find more information by visiting:

Published: 05.11.2015