From City to Nature: Get on the Cable Car to Sljeme!

As of recently, it is possible to go on a ride in the newly-built cable car and visit the popular outing spot Sljeme, adding new thrill of visiting the summit to the activities during your stay.

Sljeme, the summit of Medvednica mountain, has always been a popular outing spot of citizens of Zagreb in all seasons. In winter it is a favourite destination for skiing and sledding, in summer it offers respite from the heat, and in all seasons Sljeme is an ideal place for recreation and exploring the beauty of nature and educational and gastro offer.

As of late February, Sljeme can also be reached by taking a newly-built cable car. As many as 84 gondolas with a capacity of 10 passengers reach the summit at the altitude of 1030 meters and there is an intermediate spot Brestovac at 877 meters. In one hour, the cable car can transport around 1500 picknickers. The ride lasts around twenty minutes during which passengers can enjoy nice landscape and the panorama of Zagreb.

The starting station of the ride in Sljeme Cable Car is Dolje  at the altitude of 267 meters, located close to the city centre and accessible by tram or bus. There is a parking lot in front of the building as well as a free of charge outdoor parking lot for all those coming by car.

In front of the first station of Sljeme Cable Car there are climbing frames for children in the shape of a small and large bear and in the building, there are bigger climbing frames intended for athletes and recreationists.

Going to Sljeme allows you to enjoy fresh air while staying in Zagreb, hike on its trails and enjoy dishes on the menu of its caterers.

The official opening of the new cable car aroused a lot of interest among citizens of Zagreb who have been waiting for this event since 2007. That year, the 44-year-old cable car service was discontinued and its repairs were deemed economically unjustifiable. The construction of a new cable car was also proposed.

Published: 09.03.2022