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Exhibition in the Domitrović Tower – “Golden Threads, Restored Textiles from the Treasury of Zagreb Cathedral”

“Golden Threads, Restored Textiles from the Treasury of Zagreb Cathedral” is the title of a rewarding exhibition open in the Domitrović Tower at Kaptol in Zagreb. It is the result of a project lasting several years between the Zagreb Archdiocese and the Croatian Conservation Institute on the protection of textile items of exceptional value from the Treasury’s holdings.

The exhibition brings a choice of restored items such as the baroque chasuble of Bishop Stjepan, the opulent dalmatics of Bishop Aleksandar Ignacije Mikulić from the 17th century, and lace with woven coats of arms of Bishop Martin Borković and his successor Aleksandar Mikulić, the work of master weavers and lace workshops from the area of the Hapsburg Empire. Visitors can also see two examples of the exceptional art of weaving of the 18th century, the tapestries “July and August” and “January and February” which were made in 1710 for the Dukes of Lorraine in Nancy according to the designs of Bologna artist Francesco Galli Bibiena.

Following the marriage of Francis I of Lorraine to Maria Theresa in 1736 a cycle of six tapestries was taken to the court at Vienna. In the middle of the 18th century the Empress presented them to the Zagreb Archdiocese and Bishop Francis Thauszy. The tapestries were, among other things, used as decorative coulisse for the depiction of Christ’s grave at Zagreb Cathedral during Holy Week until the earthquake in 1880 when the tapestry “May and June” was lost. Of the five preserved tapestries from the cycle, the allegorical “July and August” was fully restored in 2015 and 2016. Alongside it, the tapestry “January and February” is displayed which, due to its large size cannot be viewed in the Treasury and which is still awaiting restoration.

The exhibition is open until 31 October this year Monday-Saturday 09:00-17:00. Entry is free.

Published: 03.10.2017