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European Best Destinations - Advent in Zagreb once again the best in Europe

Zagreb has defended its 2016 title as the best European Christmas destination: according to voters at the European Best Destinations portal it is once again the best Christmas destination in Europe in 2017.

Tourists have once again decided to choose Advent in Zagreb as the best in Europe, which means that the Croatian capital has successfully defended last year’s title. Zagreb has proven that it did not get the prestigious title by chance and not only owing to splendid decorations   and various stage programmes which will be taking place on the squares and streets around the city until January 8th; an even stronger proof is the steep upward trend in the guest arrival and overnights rates. Between December 1st and 18th, Zagreb recorded a total of 59,423 guests arrivals and 102,483 overnights, accounting for 34 and 32 per cent increase respectively. Croatian guests accounted for 36,000 overnights, a 26 percent increase, and had the biggest share in the overnights structure, while the 65,883 foreign guest overnights accounted for a 36 percent increase. Apart from guests from Croatia, most overnights were realized by tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Korea and other Asian countries. Of course, statistics for December will be even more impressive considering an even sharper increase in the number of arrivals in the final days of last year, when finding a bed in Zagreb on a weekend verged on the impossible.

Out of the 188,000 people from 124 countries who cast their vote in the European Best Destination’s competition for the best Christmas Destination in 2017, a total of 33,607 voted for Zagreb. Among them, 10,519 votes came from Croatia, while 23,088 people voted from other countries, which means Zagreb would have defended the title as the best European Christmas Destination even without the Croatian votes, since runner-up Strasbourg got a total of 19,242 votes.

Published: 02.01.2017