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Dear friends and business partners!

The multimedia exhibition “Croatia is Hrvatska” has opened in the Grič tunnel and reveals to us a host of well-known and little-known details from 133 turbulent years of the history of Croatia, Zagreb and the insurance company Croatia osiguranje. It is a wonderful introduction to the rich tourist and cultural offering of a Zagreb autumn.

The exhibition is a confirmation of the fact that the Grič tunnel has become a hip gathering place since it opened a year and a half ago, and one of the most important of the city’s attractions, which will certainly be contributed to by this worthy exhibition, a kind of time machine and, alongside Advent, one of the most important events until the end of this year.

Zagreb also boasts a series of worthwhile exhibitions by the world’s greatest artists. You can go to the Klovićevi dvori Gallery for a dose of joie de vivre and optimism radiated by the work of Vasko Lipovac, one of the greatest Croatian artists of the second half of the 20th century. Around 259 artworks are laid out over two floors. There are Lipovac’s internationally renowned “Cyclists”, and “Blue Tree”, and the entire display stimulates playfulness, wit and brightness. No less of an attraction is the unique international exhibition “A Passion for Creation – Masterpieces from the Collection of the Maeght Foundation”. In the Art Pavilion we will have the chance to see works by some of the most significant artists of the 20th century which one would usually have to go abroad to see. Braque, Chagalle, Miró, Balthus and Klapheck and many more are the artists which are the reason it is worth visiting the Art Pavilion.

Music does not lag behind art. A large number of concerts in October are the herald to an exceptional concert season. In the Dražen Petrović Basketball Centre the Dire Straits Experience will take us on a nostalgic musical journey on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the ever-popular Dire Straits. The international musical and dance extravaganza “Remember Yesterday – The Beatles Story” will take us on a stroll through the history of one of the greatest bands of all time.

The Zagreb Arena also offers us a top class music experience. The musical and dramatic spectacle “Fire of Anatolia” once again brings to Zagreb one of the best dance groups in the world with a repertoire of around one hundred folk dances from Asia, the Aegean, the Mediterranean and the Balkans, with elements of ballet, modern dance and step, as well as attractive costumes, setsand music from different parts of the Orient. It suffices to say that more than 40 million people in 97 countries have seen this performance to date.

Large numbers, sold-out concert halls and delighted audiences in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Vienna also follow the Great Gatsby. There is no doubt that the virtuosos of ballet, theatre and music will fill the Zagreb Arena just as the sell-out musical Cats did.

As well as all this it is worth adding that Restaurant Week awaits all lovers of top flight gastronomy. This is an event which with its special prices and top quality offering enables a larger number of people to visit restaurants, promotes restaurant culture and strengthens the Croatian gastro scene.


Martina Bienenfeld

CEO, Zagreb Tourist Board

Published: 02.10.2017