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Dear friends and business partners!

For those who have not visited Zagreb in December, we would like to remind you that the holiday atmosphere – which has made Advent in Zagreb the best Christmas Market in Europe for the second year in a row, spills over into the first week of January.

However, as the Christmas fairytale slowly fades away, the tourist one continues. Zagreb occupies a prominent place on the map of cultural and sporting events, as well as congresses and incentives. Also, an increasing number of guests visit it for the excellent medical and dental care which can be found in Zagreb, so people combine health motives with sightseeing in Croatia’s beautiful capital and its surroundings. Whatever the reason for visiting may be, guests have an array of attractions to choose from and an excellent atmosphere to enjoy. What’s the secret? As the saying goes: different strokes for different folks. However, most will agree that it is largely due to the fact that the citizens of Zagreb truly love their city, live with its events, and create an atmosphere that simply makes anyone feel good.

Apart from all that, Zagreb’s tourism story will surely benefit from the fact that the new airport terminal at Franjo Tuđman Airport is scheduled to open this spring. This will surely push travelling standards to new heights and provide even better connections between Zagreb and numerous destinations in Europe and beyond.


Yours sincerely,

Martina Bienenfeld


Zagreb Tourist Board

Published: 30.12.2016