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Dear friends and business partners!

The spring atmosphere is changing vistas in our city by the day, while life is slowly emerging from covered indoor spaces and moving onto the city streets and squares. The colours in Zagreb are the most intense in spring thanks to the flower beds in front of landmark buildings and the beautifully manicured city parks.

However, parks are also the locations of numerous performances and events, which take us back in time and immerse us in the onetime rhythms of music, the way of life, menus…

There are more and more ways to get to know Zagreb with the help of a guide, regardless of whether you want to see all of its landmarks or, if you are already familiar with the city, just embark on themed tours to discover some of its hidden aspects, customs and secrets. 

Apart from attending numerous performances and festivals, we also recommend visiting museums and exhibitions, followed by taking a break at one of the numerous cafés or restaurants, all of which will draw you in with their diverse offer.

Zagreb is waiting for you and wishes you a warm welcome!

Yours sincerely,

Martina Bienenfeld


Zagreb Tourist Board

Published: 31.03.2016