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Dear citizens of Zagreb, dear guests!

With the coming of Autumn and the rainy days to our city we are continuing to organise a great many interesting events at indoor, but no less attractive locations. I invite you to continue exploring our beautiful city which has become a desirable European destination.

This year too Restaurant Week returns to the city, a very popular event among locals and tourists alike. Restaurant Week is a promotional event which, in cooperation with hospitality establishments, successfully promotes Zagreb's gastronomic establishments offering specialities at reduced prices. The concept of this event is based on those in other capital cities worldwide.

In order to preserve our health and keep fit, we invite you to join us at the Zagreb Marathon. The Zagreb Marathon is the biggest running event in the country gathering more than a thousand participants in its main programme. It has already been held 25 times, and grows in the number of participants with every year. This year it comprises three races: a marathon, a half marathon and a citizens' 5 km run. A very large number of tourists run the marathon every year, and many secondary school pupils run the shortest 5 km run.

We have prepared for you Ambienta, the 44th international exhibition of furnishings, interior designs and associated industries, a joint project of the City of Zagreb, city utility company Zagrebački Holding and the Zagreb Fair. Ambienta is the most important specialised international exhibition of the wood manufacturing industry in Croatia. At the Zagreb Fair you can still visit Sport Fest and the Exhibition of Healthy Living. Sport Fest is a unique event which offers visitors the ability to learn more about all sports in one place, aided by leading experts in sport and the most successful sportspeople in Croatia. The exhibitions of healthy living are leading Croatian and regional events on the subject of healthy living with a rich offering at the exhibition stands as well as interesting lectures, trainings and workshops.

In October the conference Croatian Tourism 365 will be held which brings eminent experts in tourism from the wider region and representatives of the most important tourism institutions in Croatia in order to define the way to developing tourism in Croatia which lasts 365 days in the year, and how to achieve that. Experts from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Italy will share their success stories and their suggestions and guidelines for the further development of Croatian tourism.

Our little ones will have the chance to visit Abrakadabra Zoo, a popular programme at the Zagreb Zoo. Abrakadabra Zoo is a performance which includes educators who dress up as mythological beings. All visitors participate in the performance and try to overcome various barriers and puzzles in order to free the zoo and in so doing to learn about animals.

Enjoy the autumn colours and the seasonal events which we have prepared for you!

Sincere regards,

Mayor of the City of Zagreb

Milan Bandić

Published: 02.10.2017