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Dear citizens and guests of Zagreb!

With the arrival of spring, many will once again lovingly start calling Zagreb their “favourite open air living room”, from which they will happily observe the numerous happenings ongoing on the city streets and squares now that the spring weather is finally here!

The beginning of the month is reserved for the Zagreb Auto Show. The prestigious international automobile, motorcycle, utility vehicle and the related industry salon, certified by the international association of car and car part manufacturers – OICA, is making a comeback to the Zagreb Fair after eight long years. I am proud that the organisation of this show has put Zagreb on the map of attractive business destinations. It is a member  of an exclusive group of 18 cities worldwide which are allowed to organise events of such a category. Working in synergy, the Zagreb Fair, the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Tourist Board have done their best to create a unique atmosphere by designing attractive events at the fair itself, but also in the city centre, in order to enable visitors and tourists to partake in this very special social and media event for the Republic of Croatia. 

Tourists will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Zagreb Time Machine event, which features a diverse cultural and artistic programme that represents a tourist identity of our city. Zagreb’s history is showcased at the Upper Town and the city centre by way ofkumice at Dolac market, promenade concerts and dance evenings at Zrinjevac, joyful Tkalčijana and an impressive changing of the guard of the Cravat regiment, which are all real attractions for tourists on the city streets.

April is especially attractive for film buffs as it features the 25th Days of Croatian Film. The festival has been a rare platform for screening the best Croatian films of the previous year for more than two decades now. For citizens and visitors eager to experience an adrenaline rush, I recommend a visit to Arena Zagreb, which is hosting a first time ever UFC event.While I would like to remind gourmets of the first Pancake Festival, which will take place at Tuškanac.

Enjoy the spring and the spring rhythm of our city!

Yours sincerely,

Milan Bandić

Mayor of the City of Zagreb

Published: 31.03.2016