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Dan Graham, Fun for all the family – let’s go to the Museum of Contemporary Art!

On the southern plateau of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb an exhibition has opened of the famous American artist Dan Graham, his first exhibition in this part of Europe.

Graham is a key figure in the art history of the second half of the 20th century, an artist who with his innovative approach to the medium of video, and who in his early performances created a completely new conception of the art work in relation to the audience, which becomes the subject of his work. These elements later developed into the most significant part of his opus – in pavilions. For that reason there is a special part of the exhibition: the Audience in Performance.

As well as pavilions, models of pavilions and documentary films about his most significant works in the natural and urban environment, the exhibition will, as well as an accompanying programme (lectures and workshops), with a brief overview of the work of Dan Graham try to encompass the complex work of this versatile artist.

Published: 03.07.2017