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Cotrugli Business Museum – The World’s First Museum About Business

The Croatian capital now has the world’s first museum about business in the pre-industrial era. It was founded by the Cotrugli Business School to present the development of business as a human activity which is at least 5000 years old.

The museum at Buzin, where the business school is also located, is a unique project and the first museum to research business in its long historical context and on a global level.

Benedetto Cotrugli, 15th century merchant, diplomat and humanist, takes a prominent place in the Museum. Born in Dubrovnik, as well as being known for first describing the double entry accounting principle, in his book “The Art of Trade” as early as 1458 he emphasised the importance of personal development and the need for ethics in business, which is why the business school and museum carry his name.

The Museum is interactive, with quizzes, workshops, coin-making, holograms and multimedia guided tours just part of the attractions which are suitable both for adults and young people.

Published: 02.03.2018