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Clutch – Underground Rock Stars in Tvornica kulture

American underground rock stars to promote their new album in Zagreb’s Tvornica kulture.

Sunday 9 December is the date for a new and long-awaited visit from American underground band Clutch to Zagreb. They are still remembered here for their premiere concert in summer 2016 when they sold out in just four days, a month before the concert itself. Following the concert the band several times said that their Zagreb performance was one of their favourites over the last few years. And that is one of the reasons why they have chosen Zagreb as their only concert destination in the region during the coming tour. The group will travel Europe promoting their new album which is due to be released this spring.

Clutch, who formed in 1991, have to date released 11 studio albums, have worked with a whole range of big names on the scene, and in the process have become probably the best-known name in the genre which is today called groove rock, one of the sub-genres of the stoner rock movement. The band had its breakthrough with its fifth release, “Pure Rock Fury”, in 2001 when thanks to the singles “Careful With That Mic”, “Immortal” and “Open Up the Border” they earned a good slice of airplay on American rock radio stations. They achieved their definitive affirmation with the albums “Blast Tyrant” (2004), “Robot Hive / Exodus” (2005) and “From Beale Street to Oblivion” (2007). They first visited Croatia in 2016 as part of a tour promoting the excellent release “Psychic Warfare”.

Published: 03.04.2018