Cest Is d'Best: Adding Laughter and Optimism

Street festival Cest Is d'Best has brought unexpected laughter, surprise and optimism to the centre of Zagreb for more than quarter of century.

This year the 27th edition of the International Street Festival Cest Is d’Best brings events that entertain and cheer up passers-by to streets of Zagreb. Attractive competitions, art installations, musical performances, sports and other programmes are integral part of the festival which announces a lot of fun from 25 to 28 May in the very heart of the city. Various activities, including musical performances, will take place in the central Ban Josip Jelačić Square and Bogovićeva Street, European Square, Old Vlaška Street and Zrinjevac Park. Street performers from Croatia and abroad will join in, and their interaction with passers-by makes the period in which the festival takes place really special and lightens already recognisable atmosphere in streets of Zagreb.

This year’s novelty is the so-called Crayonisation of the pavement which will take place on 27 May within the framework of the festival. Each adult participant will get some space and crayons in Zrinjevac Park while children will be given coloured chalk so imagination is all that they need to create artwork. This will bring joy to the artists as well as numerous spectators, who will certainly prove to be kind art critics. 


Published: 10.05.2023