Autumn in Zagreb: New Colours, Scents and Flavours

Autumn added intensity to the cultural, economic and social life in Zagreb, but it also added specific flavours, scents and colours due to which this season has a special appeal.

With the arrival of autumn, Zagreb started bustling with interesting events, from exhibitions, concerts, plays, entertaining outdoor gatherings to conferences, specialised fairs and other meetings. Citizens and visitors of Zagreb are returning more and more to the former habits and way of life, while also complying with prescribed health measures. A simple walk through the city while touring famous buildings and sculptures at city squares and parks is an interesting exploration of modern and former life in the city. Many visitors will also go to Zagreb’s cemetery Mirogoj, which is a frequent destination of tourist tours in this time of the year. The holidays of All Saints and All Souls are near and this is an additional reason to see the cemetery which resembles an open-air art gallery and is the final resting place of many prominent representatives of cultural, social, political and sports life of Zagreb.

Scents and flavours spreading through the city streets announce a gastro autumn. Zagreb’s caterers have adapted their menus to the wide choice of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as meat delicacies which they use to make delicious dishes and desserts. There are also many different types of beverages available so in this period restaurant goers will have a chance to taste some young wine or to complement their meal with quality wine from vineyards surrounding Zagreb or other parts of Croatia. 

The scent of roasted chestnuts offered by the street vendors will add to the special autumn atmosphere, while Zagreb’s confectioners will add cooked chestnuts to their imaginative and tasty desserts. All Saints Day is usually marked by a traditional turkey roast with mlinci and yeast-leavened pastries with walnuts and poppy seeds. This atmosphere in general and flickering of lights in Zagreb slowly introduce us to what many consider the most wonderful time of the year.


Published: 05.10.2021