Augmented Reality: Let Motifs of Advent in Zagreb Travel with You!

Owing to a special app, after finding toys at ten locations in Zagreb you can move their virtual form to any location in the world in augmented reality.

Advent in Zagreb offers a new dimension to all fans of modern technology; it offers a possibility to participate in a unique Advent AR game. Equinox Vision, a Croatian startup, developed the Equinox XR platform for easy publication of augmented reality content, and in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board enabled visitors of Advent in Zagreb to share specially created virtual present with others.

With the help of a free app Equinox XR, by taping on screen you can “unpack” recognisable virtual toy boxes found at ten different locations in Zagreb and take them with you to place anywhere in the world. These locations are Ban Josip Jelačić Square, King Tomislav Square, Kurelčeva Street, Zrinjevac Park, The Republic of Croatia Square, Petar Preradović Square, Strossmayer Promenade, British Square, Antun, Ivan and Vladimir Mažuranić Square and Katarina Zrinska Square.

Owing to the app, traditional toys from Zagreb, which are the main motif of this year’s Advent, will bring joy to children in other parts of Croatia and the world and also bring the story of unique and innovative content and even more eventful Advent in Zagreb to everyone.

Published: 15.12.2021