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At Lisinski - The Radio & Juliet ballet rock spectacle

On April 20th come to the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall and attend the “Radio & Juliet” ballet rock spectacle, enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

On April 20th, the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall will be the venue for the ballet rock spectacle “Radio & Juliet”. It is a unique music and dance event based on Shakespeare’s best literary work – “Romeo and Juliet”.

This unusual show, which attracts audiences wherever it is performed, was conceived by one of the best choreographers in the world – Edward Clung. He merged ballet with the story about the best known romantic couple in the world. It is based in the present day and fused with the music of his favourite rock band – Radiohead. Therefore, eleven of the band’s songs from the albums “Kid A” and “OK Computer” make up the soundtrack for this contemporary choreography.

Romeo is played by Denis Matvienko, the champion of the Mariinsky Theatre of Sankt Peterburg and one of the best dancers in the world. After conquering the world of classic ballet, the renowned dancer wanted to master choreographies of contemporary ballet, so he began his collaboration with Edward Clung. The results of this cooperation are the modern ballets “Radio & Juliet” and “Quatro”.

Tickets for the ballet rock spectacle “Radio & Juliet” can be purchased at the concert hall box-office, via Eventim and online at, and their prices range between 160 and 300 kuna.  


Published: 01.04.2016