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A Good Year for Art Lovers – Great Events in Zagreb’s Galleries and Museums

Great and valuable exhibitions are being prepared by Zagreb's museums and galleries, from Catherine the Great - Empress of All Russians, to the exhibition of Emanuel Vidović.

On 20 March the exhibition “Emanuel Vidović – On the 65th Anniversary of His Death” will be held in the Art Pavilion. The exhibition brings us a series of hitherto unknown major works but this artist, and is open until 13 May.

You can catch the exhibition “In the City’s Foundations” in Zagreb’s Archaeological Museum until 18 March. The exhibition explores the Adriatic and Zadar in the 1st century BC and through the archaeological exhibits you can learn about the everyday life of the Liburnian tribe in Zadar.

The Museum of Arts and Crafts, in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb through the exhibition “Italian Light” presents some exceptional examples of Italian design in the area of household lighting from the 1950s to the end of the 1990s from the Cortopassi collection. The exhibition is open until 18 March.

In April the large exhibition “Catherine the Great – Empress of All Russians” from the world famous Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia, opens in Zagreb’s Klovićevi dvori Gallery. There will be around one thousand exhibits presenting fascinating insights into the life and rule of one of the most powerful women in history, as well as exploring the Empress’s passion for art which led her to found the Hermitage Museum.

The Sixties in Croatia – Myth and Reality” is a central exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Crafts. It opens in April and covers the period between 1958 and 1971. It presents this golden era through a choice of exhibits, from documentary material to art works, from photographs to film, TV and musical clips, from everyday items to signs of the times.

In the Museum of the City of Zagreb the exhibition “Fashion and Clothing” of the 1960s in Zagreb is being prepared for November.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts is preparing for the autumn a large exbition titled “Photorealism” on the artist Jadranka Fatur.

The Museum of Modern art has opened the season with an exhibition of artworks from the Kallay Collection.



Published: 02.03.2018