57th Floraart: City Life Marked by Flowers

The opening of Floraart marks a special time for citizens of Zagreb, and the area of Bundek Park becomes the most popular spot in the city. There is a certainly a good reason for this.

Every spring, Floraart is an inevitable event for all flower lovers. It is a place where to enjoy flower arrangements made by the best Croatian and foreign florists, gain new insights, buy seedlings and explore beautiful ambience at the same time. This will occur again this year from 18 to 21 May at Bundek Park, which has hosted the largest gardening exhibition in this part of Europe since 2006. The exhibition consists of an outdoor area of more than 300 thousand square metres and an indoor space of a thousand square metres.

During the event, which gathers 160 exhibitors from Croatia and abroad, there are numerous promotions and thematic lectures. It is a tradition to hold the Exhibitors Competition, the Croatian Florists Cup and the International High School Competition at the exhibition.

This international gardening exhibition has taken place in Zagreb since 1966. Its first location was the Upper Town; then in 1992, when the city gardening subsidiary Zrinjevac took over the organisation of the exhibition, it moved to Prisavlje only to finally move to the current site.

The immense popularity of Floraart, which is co-organised by the City of Zagreb, is proven by the fact that every year more than hundred thousand visitors come to see it. This year once again Zagreb will be marked by flowers and the exhibition dedicated to it.

Published: 10.05.2023