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52nd Puppet Theatre Festival – PIF: Puppet Plays for Children and Adults

Zagreb will be marked by the 52nd International Puppet Theatre Festival PIF in mid-September, which will take over theatre halls as well as city streets and squares.

The 52nd International Puppet Theatre Festival, which takes place from 13 to 19 September, brings together the best puppet shows from Croatia this year, but also from Canada, Russia, Slovenia, Israel, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Iran and other countries. In addition to performances for children, there will also be performances intended for adults. Thematically, what all performances have in common is that they speak of death, love, passion, friendship, manipulation and many other life experiences that one encounters throughout their life and they do so in a manner appropriate to the age of the audience.

Shows are held in theatre and other venues, as well as in public areas in Zagreb, so visitors will be able to see them at the Zrinjevac Music Pavilion, the Grič Tunnel, the Mamutica Plateau, which is the largest residential building in Novi Zagreb, etc.

PIF's procession for children and adults is announced for Saturday, 14 September at 11 and will walk through the city centre, and remind us in a symbolic way that puppets and puppet art have taken over Zagreb.

In addition to numerous puppet shows, workshops on puppet making and animation, themed book promotions, and a puppetry workshop intended for the elderly will be organised.

Published: 02.09.2019