Read About Zagreb by Touch: Souvenirs in Braille

Zagreb has new, original souvenirs that are practical and whose design contains prints of Braille alphabet. Their message is that of aesthetic value, social inclusion and eco friendliness.

“I read by touch” is the title of the original souvenir line which consists of shirts, bags and rucksacks with Braille alphabet in enlarged tactile prints. This allows the blind and visually impaired to take home attractive souvenirs to remind them of the city they visited. These items are practical and an original present, each packed in an eco-friendly, bio degradable bag and accompanied by a thank you note.

The word “Zagreb” on T- shirt and bags is printed in the Ariel font which is the easiest for the visually impaired to read. Below every letter written in the Latin alphabet there are enlarged raised dots of Braille.

In addition to the designer, a visually impaired sociologist and a social pedagogue were involved in the design of these unique products in order for them to completely meet high quality and technical requirements.

The unique T - shirts, bags and rucksacks were envisioned and produced in URIHO, the institution for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities which has been active for 75 years.

The souvenirs “I read by touch” can be bought in URIHO shops as well as in their web shop.

Published: 02.03.2023