Mali Zagreb: A City within the City

When you stumble upon miniatures of famous buildings and workshops while walking in the streets, squares and parks of Zagreb, remember it is a city within a city opening in front oy your eyes, or the project Mali Zagreb.

An art project of miniature installations entitled Mali Zagreb, which is this year inspired by crafts and their workshops, awaits you in Zagreb until 30 September. At around fourteen locations in the city you will find reminders of a time when hands of hardworking craftspeople made objects for everyday use, and often of artistic value much more often than today or their knowledge and skill made everyday life easier to citizens. Clockmakers, cobblers, tailors, confectioners; all of them made a living by providing services to citizens, while always trying to stand out and be better than others. Their variety and specificity, which changed and developed with time, was reflected both on the façade and interior design of the shops which await you in a miniature form in numerous locations in Zagreb. This project is also a recognition of the family tradition and crafts which grew and developed with perseverance and vision of their owners. Many are run by the same family even today.

The project is held for the second year and supported by the Zagreb Tourist Board. “Mali Zagreb, as a project which all of us grew attached to right away, is an unpretentious art attraction and a part of sustainable offer for our citizens and visitors” said Martina Bienenfeld, the Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board. She also said: “The fact that we again have a chance to search for and tour artistic miniatures in the streets and squares of Zagreb brings me joy. With its discreet appearance, Mali Zagreb creates an always desirable element of surprise in anyone who sees it.”

The map of all locations of miniature installations is available in the Visitors’ Centres, at the Zagreb Tourist Board websites and on the website of the project


Published: 18.05.2022