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Living Outdoor: Projects Which Change the City

Spring marked the new era in the life of the city which is more frequently spent outdoors. Each day surprises with new sights, stories and events which give a new feeling to the familiar atmosphere in Zagreb.

Every spring a new life begins in the streets of Zagreb, which takes place in outdoor areas of streets, squares and parks rather than in indoor spaces.

It is happening again this year, which is special in many ways and during which interesting projects await citizens and visitors of Zagreb in the streets. In addition to new projects, such as Street Triptych and Little Zagreb, there are also many other novelties bringing interesting dynamics and content to the everyday life of the city with a movement, sound or stroke of a brush. These novelties change panoramas of the city.

An important part of this modern story of Zagreb are street artists, owing to whom every walk gets a new dimension. The city becomes a canvas of a new art form and an exciting record of the times in which we live and of people who imprint their art visions in the everyday life of the city. What were once rundown and neglected spaces get a new face owing to the talent, craftiness and heart of renowned Croatian and foreign street artists. The city continues to surprise with innovative interpretations and exhibits. 

With the ongoing epidemiological situation, the emphasis on all forms of street art got an additional meaning so, even if you think you know Zagreb well, it still surprises with a new dimension of life. In it every new day brings optimistic records with images, words and dynamic events on what we are and what we could be tomorrow.

Published: 07.04.2021