12th Zagreb Jazz Festival: In the Rhythm of Excellent Jazz

In the second half of November Zagreb will host some excellent jazz concerts for the twelfth time. Despite peculiar global circumstances, the organisers ensured the performance of famous artists of the international jazz scene.

The 12th Zagreb Jazz festival will take place from 24th to 26th November this year. Three concerts are scheduled during the event; on the first day Dan Tepfer Trio is to perform before the Zagreb audience, followed by Seamus Blake Quartet and finally Antonio Farao Trio on the last day. All of them are excellent musicians and the greats of jazz, which guarantees a first-class musical experience to the fans of the genre. Considering the current pandemic, in addition to providing a top-quality musical experience, the organisers had to meet the criteria of accessibility which is another reason for them to be pleased with the announced program and for jazz lovers to be interested in the event.

It is interesting to note that excellent, world – renowned jazz musicians Antonio Faraò and Dan Tepfer studied classical piano at music academies and afterwards turned to jazz. Dan Tepfer still plays classical music with numerous philharmonic orchestras and is also renowned in the world of classical music. Seamus Blake is a Canadian who moved to Paris several years ago, turning it into a starting point from which he travels to perform with his quartet throughout the world.

The festival has taken place since 2005 and it has not just brought the biggest jazz icons of the twentieth century to Zagreb but the most important musicians of the twentieth century music overall. More than a hundred concerts have taken place in the city which brought jazz lovers from all over Croatia but also neighbouring countries to Zagreb.

Published: 04.11.2020