MiniPolis: a Place Where the Young become Adults

Zagreb is a pleasant and safe city for children. It has lots of parks and interesting activities among which, as of recently, is the interactive children’s city MiniPolis.

Safety, suitable size and a pleasant life for entire family are some of the main reasons why many consider Zagreb an interesting destination for families. These are the very reasons why many foreigners choose Zagreb for a longer stay or permanent residence. 

In addition to safety and easily accessible activities, Zagreb’s parks and numerous activities for children are at the top of the list of reasons which make Zagreb a favourite city break destination. Now there is one additional motive to visit – the recently opened MiniPolis. It is an interactive, educational theme park intended for children aged 2 to 12; an actual city in miniature that covers around 1000 square meters. Its young visitors will have a chance to find out about various professions and visit a fire station or police station, airport, doctor’s, dentist’s or vet’s office, newsroom and similar in around forty booths. They can peek into the adults’ world and participate in it, learning about creativity and team work and acquiring skills along the way. Children need to be accompanied by their parents in MiniPolis but the staff of the theme park are available at all times.

BabyPolis, a specially designed space equipped with suitable teaching tools and educational activities, is available to children under the age of 2. 

It is important to stress that the concept of MiniPolis was designed in cooperation with psychologists and pedagogues and that children’s safety is the primary concern at all times, which includes a suitable response to the pandemic.

Published: 04.11.2020