Zagreb in the summer, unlike many other cities...

Everything is here for you, the rhythm of the city, the nostalgic journey, the exciting encounters, and your table for two, the joy of living and the moments you will remember. This is the summer in Zagreb. #ZagrebSummerTour

Do you sometimes wish you could just get up and go somewhere? Just a small getaway? So you could come back a happier person?

We know a place where you can always find your own bench in the park. A treasury of fine art. Fable and reality. Romance and crazy rhythm. A table for two. Holding hands. With Zagreb in their hearts.

During the summer, Zagreb is passionately alive in the city streets and squares, on the stage, in the clubs. Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of its Upper Town and meet the heroes from its past before you return downtown riding the unique Zagreb funicular.

Decide to rest a little and have a cup of coffee with the people of Zagreb. Enjoy a luxuriously relaxed, romantic early summer evening. Then respond to the crazy rhythm of the Zagreb summer night …

Unlike many other cities, this is a city dotted with many beautiful parks. They are a pathway for a romantic stroll through times past. A shelter from the summer heat. A quiet moment before the next exciting encounter.

Zagreb has many museums and galleries showing the Croatian and the world heritage as well as recording the most important moments of our time. Generations of Zagreb artists, from world-known masters of art to modern day artists whose time is coming, have made the squares and streets of Zagreb an open-air gallery for their art. It is right here for you to enjoy …

Zagreb invites you to take a peek at the normally secluded courtyards of the Upper Town, bringing back the lifestyle of the days long gone, revealing their secrets, just for you.

As you walk the city streets, soft sounds of nostalgic songs performed by street musicians will follow your footsteps. You may wish to join a romantic musical journey one summer night when you hear the violin and piano from one of the beautiful atriums that become the stage for open-air concerts during the summer.

Zagreb also has its urban sounds, a summer rhythm of its throbbing clubbing scene right here in the city centre or not far from it in some green oasis near the city… You can enjoy its famous open-air festivals and concerts by some of the best local and international performers. You can choose to see a movie under the stars, just like in the old times, under a sky dotted with real stars… Or see some of the art exhibitions and festivals waiting for you in the streets of Zagreb. Even when they look tranquil enough and you know which events you want to catch, you can still be surprised by an impromptu performance on the street that will brighten your day and leave you with a joyous feeling of walking into something unexpected and yet to meaningful. 

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Published: 05.06.2019