Welcoming Spring: Festival of Lights Zagreb from 18 to 22 March

The Festival of Lights Zagreb, whose fourth edition will take place in March, is bound to conquer new spaces with its romantic interplay of lights and light installations in addition to the streets of the Upper Town which welcomed it so far.

The Festival of Lights Zagreb, which won the hearts of citizens and visitors of Zagreb in the last three years with its beautiful light installations, will this year take place from 18 to 22 March. It welcomes spring, we could say, and it is the reason why many visitors adjust the date of their arrival.  This year the Festival will expand its borders. Until now, projections, audio visual installations and other events mainly took place on facades of buildings, in the streets and green areas of the historical Upper Town and now they will spread to new locations and give them new colours, content and atmosphere.

By organising the Festival of Lights, four years ago the capital of Croatia joined a number of cities in the world that have such tradition such as Lyon, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Prague, St. Petersburg and Berlin.

Published: 03.02.2020