The Boomtown Rats: A Concert in Zagreb Just a Day After the Release of the New Album

A cult band The Boomtown Rats will give a concert in Zagreb just a day after the release of their new album, their first after 36 years.

The band The Boomtown Rats, with Bob Geldof as the lead singer, will hold a concert in the Culture Factory (Tvornica kulture) on 14 March. Just one day earlier the band, which was formed in 1975 in Dublin, will release their seventh album. The last of their six albums was released in 1984. Two years later the band broke up just to reunite again in 2013. Since then, The Boomtown Rats have continued to put up concerts in Europe which always arouse a great deal of interest and now they are also releasing a new album. So it is expected that their most recent album Citizens of Boomtown will draw a lot of attention and increase interest in the concert in Zagreb. 

The Boomtown Rats is a band gathered and lead by Bob Geldof, one of the most significant persons in the history of popular music, a key figure of punk and new age scene, an artist, a knight, a philanthropist who was appointed Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) by Elisabeth II.

Published: 03.02.2020