30th Zagreb Marathon: Anniversary Marked by an Eventful Programme

The jubilee of the marathon in Zagreb will gather runners competing in marathon and half-marathon races but also bring back the relay race and children’s race and remind us why it has a special place in the calendar of many runners.

The 30th Zagreb Marathon will take place on 1 October with a start and finish both located in the main square in Zagreb, Ban Josip Jelačić Square. Participants can choose to participate in Garmin 10 K at 2 PM, half - marathon or marathon races at 3 PM, and this year there is again a relay race also at 3 PM. As somewhat of an announcement, a children’s race will take place. The return of this race in the Zagreb Marathon programme thrilled many young runners, parents and spectators who have always provided enthusiastic support and accompanied sporting activities of the youngest athletes.

This year’s half - marathon and marathon routes have been partly altered. The 21-kilometre half - marathon route goes across the city centre and a bit further and it finishes at the same place where it starts; in the main square. Marathon runners will run along the same route twice. The Garmin 10 K race also starts in Ban Josip Jelačić Square and finishes at the nearby European Square. A relay marathon race is back in the programme and it requires four - member teams made of men, women or both. Three members of the team need to run 10 kilometres and the fourth member will run 12 km and 195 metres to reach the finish line.

The registrations are open until mid-September and the participation fee for Garmin 10 K race is 150 KN, for half - marathon race 250 KN and for marathon 300 KN. Starting package and bibs can be collected from Wednesday to Friday in the afternoons in the Sports hall of the Zagreb Fair and the last chance to do this is 1 October, before the race in the Marathon Office in Ban Josip Jelačić Square.

Photo credit: Zagreb Marathon

Published: 09.09.2022