International Award: of the Zagreb Tourist Board Wins First Prize

The Zagreb Tourist Board won the first prize at an international festival in Germany for the webpage dedicated to sports.

At the 10th World Media Festivals, Tourism & Travel Media Awards in Germany, the Zagreb Tourist Board won the first place for its webpage dedicated to sports:

The aim of the festival is to evaluate and award outstanding media solutions in the field of tourism and travelling at an international level and special emphasis is given to the efficiency in addressing a particular target group. Awards are given in categories of film, television, Internet and printed production. Websites, microsites and mobile friendly sites can only enter the competition for the award Intermedia - globe Silver. 

This year, 198 participants from 18 countries took part and the competition was very intense. 

“Each of the awards is a special incentive to our efforts; we are glad when international experts as well as audience recognize it. Zagreb proved itself on several occasions as an excellent host to numerous Croatian and international sports competitions, including various world championships and world cups. Our city also offers amazing indoor and outdoor facilities for professional, amateur and recreational sports as well as for athletic preparation options to Croatian and foreign athletes. Considering the growing importance of our city as a modern destination for sports and the need for further positioning of Zagreb in the sports tourism segment, the webpage encompasses an overview of current sporting events, a list of facilities and halls for sports and recreation, recommendations for various activities and a historical overview of the eventful history of sports in Zagreb and Croatia”, said Martina Bienenfeld, PhD, the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board.

The Zagreb Tourist Board made the sports webpage available last year during the Olympic Games and they are available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Croatian. In addition to the webpage, a film was also made to promote Zagreb as an ideal sports destination and it is available at the following link: as well as on the official YouTube channel:

Published: 15.07.2022