Little Picnic: Encounters to Remember

Friday night is an ideal time to have a picnic beneath the stars in the Upper Town, enjoy good company, taste local flavours, and make new memories.

Little picnic will take place every Friday from 22 July to 12 August beneath the rooftops of the beautiful Bela IV Park in the Upper Town. These are interesting gatherings of people who wish to spend the end of a working week in a relaxed atmosphere, on a blanket spread on the ground, mingling with those who accompanied them and who they are yet to meet.

Of course, there will be plenty of entertainments and food and wine from local producers and offer of Zagreb caterers dedicated to traditional flavours. If beautiful Upper Town ambience as well as surprises that will enrich every encounter are added, Little picnic becomes an opportunity for a unique summer evening beneath the stars in Zagreb. 

Published: 15.07.2022