Culture factory: Alter Bridge for the First Time in Zagreb

Even though this is the first performance of the US band Alter Bridge in Zagreb, for the Zagreb audience their lead Myles Kennedy is a familiar face and the concert is eagerly awaited.

Alter Bridge, a US rock band, will give a concert on 4 July in Zagreb’s Culture Factory (Tvornica kulture in Croatian) as a part of the world tour promoting their latest studio album Walk the Sky released near the end of the last year.

The concert is the first performance of the band, not just in Zagreb, but in the region as well. However the name of the lead Myles Kennedy, one of the best vocalists of his generation, is familiar to the Zagreb audience. Five years ago he performed at the centre Šalata as the frontman of the project Slash feat Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators so his performance in July is eagerly awaited.

In addition to Kennedy, the band is made of three other members, the legendary guitar player Mark Tremonti (the main founder of the band), bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips.

Alter Bridge was founded in 2004 and they have released six studio albums since, which in terms of genre vary from hard rock to various types of metal to post grunge. It is interesting that they choose festivals and smaller concert halls to perform, and avoid playing in arenas.

Published: 10.03.2020