My Zagreb: Love the City through Deeds

The My Zagreb app brings together all services provided by the city and informs users about current events, but it also enables them to interact with the city administration bodies to make the city more beautiful and functional.

The official City of Zagreb app, My Zagreb, which is available in Croatian and English, informs users about current events and brings together all services provided by the city. Owing to the app, information about the work of the City administration bodies but also about cultural, athletic and tourism activities of the city as well as traffic, health care, education and ecology is available to the citizens of Zagreb. There is also a data base about preschool institutions and schools, health care organisations, fire and police station, civic amenity sites, WIFI hotspots and similar content.

This direct communication between the City administrative bodies and the citizens also allows for faults to be amended as soon as possible. Citizens are invited to take a photo of irregularities in utility services provision and report them, and then see how they are eliminated. This allows them to participate in creating a more beautiful Zagreb.

The app can be downloaded via Google Play for Android mobile devices and Apple App Store for iPhone devices or it can be accessed as a web page at the link

Published: 03.12.2019