Look down and find a little city!

Little Zagreb is a series of miniature installations placed in the busy and interesting streets of the city of Zagreb. These tiny compositions resemble the facades of Zagreb´s residential buildings and the windows of the once typical Zagreb businesses and craft shops. 

The idea behind the works is to reflect the living space of our big world in miniature proportions. In order to see these miniature installations, we need to stop, look down and search for them.

Even though they are placed in the very center of the city, in eleven attractive locations, the miniature works of Little Zagreb are still in places where one would not expect to find them – on the curbs and at the bottoms of fences, walls and buildings in public spaces.

The Little Zagreb series reminds us of how important it is to pay attention to the little things in life and all the details that enrich it. It makes us think about the city we live in, its history and identity, and the city life and habits of its residents as they once were and can be seen in the miniature facades of buildings, businesses and craft shops. It carries the symbolism of home, a place that should evoke strong feelings of belonging, security and fulfillment – the feelings we need to live a quality life.

The Little Zagreb series of miniature installations is intended for all residents of Zagreb and all those who will visit the city from 21 March to 5 September 2021. You can spend spring and summer walking around the city and looking for Little Zagreb.

...and this is just the first phase of this project.



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