Feel the pulse of city life by looking at the miniature craftsman shop windows

The new series of miniature installations Mali Zagreb is inspired by crafts and craftsman shops that have been developing and changing along with the city throughout history. Opening and closing, appearing and disappearing, the craftsman shops always had a signboard or a shop window by which they were recognizable. We can recall some of them through a new series of miniature works.

At fourteen locations in the centre of Zagreb, installations are set up which represent care­fully arranged shop windows of craftsman shops, such as watchmaker's and tailoring shops, as well as places for leisure and enjoyment, such as a pastry shop and a buffet.

The series of artworks Mali Zagreb draws our attention to the value of small things in life, because large and significant ones can develop out of them. This year's miniatures were inspired by the development and growth of those crafts that originated a long time ago, as small family businesses, and through the persistence and the vision of their owners, became successful and respected. Miniature installations are still placed somewhere under our feet, so follow the map, take a moment, look down and find Mali Zagreb!


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