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Green BuzZg

Green BuzZg

Zagreb is a city incredibly intertwined with nature. Nature is visible in the numerous city parks, in the Lenuci’s Green Horseshoe, Bundek and Jarun Lakes, and in the green areas scattered throughout the city, giving cheerfulness to buildings and asphalt.

This combination of urban area and nature seems to be perfect for easy, casual and detailed exploration, i.e. slow tourism. Don't know how? The locals will show you. They are real experts in achieving that balance between the hustle and bustle of the city and relaxation: they will explore and experience everything, but they will always make sure to take enough time to fully enjoy it.

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, which means that events never stop here and that, regardless of the season, new concepts and ideas are always being introduced. Here you have the chance to find numerous museums and galleries, restaurants and cafes, concert halls and theaters. Nevertheless, nature will always give you serenity, show you how to appreciate the little things in life, how to slow down the pace and devote yourself to what you do and what you see. Whether you're enjoying the greenery of Maksimir Park or drinking coffee in a cafe by Bundek Lake, make sure to enjoy the view, the atmosphere, and every sensation you're experiencing.

This way you will get a real impression of this city, which is full of greenery and united with nature, but at the same a city with strong modern tendencies.

Dear fellow citizens and visitors,

Due to the consequences of several recent storms that hit our city, for your own safety we ask that you avoid visiting city parks and recreational and sports facilities in Jarun, Bundek, Maksimir, Šalata, Sopot, Hipodrom and Nature Park Medvednica due to the possibility of further breaking of damaged tree branches.

Also, competent authorities kindly ask citizens and visitors to pay special attention to their movements and surroundings, i.e. where they park their vehicles, as there is still a possibility of branches breaking off trees or parts of roofs or plaster falling off buildings and other structures.

Explore the green side of Zagreb

Medvednica – symbol of the city

When the people of Zagreb want to escape from the everyday life of the city, they don’t have to go far. Zagreb leans against Medvednica, a mountain located north of the city.


Sava’s new look

Silvery and foamy, the Zagreb Sava flows silently. The cradle of Zagreb, its source of life, a place for fishing, a source of fertile arable land, a center of fun and socializing.


Enjoying good company

The people of Zagreb know how to enjoy a good company.


Relaxing in nature

All these green havens in the middle of the city, from lakes to parks, are home to numerous plant and animal species.


Active lifestyle

Nature heals, nature calms, nature gives a new perspective.


Medvednica Nature Park

Today, Medvednica watches over Zagreb and seems to remind all its residents of the importance of nature, as if it is inviting them to explore its beauty and let it calm them.


Zagreb's water bodies – magical mirrors of the city

Many visitors are often surprised when they realize how much of Zagreb's surface is actually made up of water. The source of life on earth.


Havens of Medvednica

Hiking on Medvednica is a favorite activity of many people of Zagreb, as well as daring adventurers from all over Croatia and beyond.


Green city oases

The people of Zagreb have always loved nature, enjoyed its charms, and lived in accordance with its principles. It is therefore not surprising that they incorporated nature into the structure of this city and that its streets and squares are intertwined with real green oases.

Sustainable Zagreb

Zzzzzzzzg – Welcome to the „Bee Hotel“!

When we hear the word “bees”, some of us will think of honey (and who doesn’t like this sweet wonder), others will think of flowers, and some people will experience fear of being stung. Whichever group we belong to, we mustn’t and shouldn’t neglect the importance of these tiny creatures in our everyday life and the ecosystem we all depend on.


Zagreb Wins Gold as European Capital of Inclusion and Diversity for 2024

In competition among 70 regions and cities of the European Union, the City of Zagreb has been awarded the gold prize for the European Capital of Inclusion and Diversity for 2024, in the category of cities with a population exceeding 50,000.


Five good reasons to organize a sustainable business event in Zagreb

From numerous green areas, ecologically driven public transport to hotels and catering with sustainable practices, Zagreb offers everything necessary for a successful and ecologically conscious business event


“I read by touch” – unique Zagreb souvenirs that raise awareness towards blind and visually impaired people

The URIHO institution for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities is one of the main pillars of those who live daily with impairment or loss of physical and psychological functions and abilities.


Zero waste – A Movement for Earth's better future

Take, produce, throw away. Whether it's food, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, household items or electronic devices, on a daily basis we accumulate waste that is suffocating our planet.


Zagreb is the second greenest city in Europe!

Sometimes we are not aware of the importance of green spaces in urban areas.



Croatian project to preserve drinking water sources, which is here to prove that an initiative from small Croatia can change the world.


Innovation centers

A city that encourages entrepreneurship and supports entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into competitive products – that’s Zagreb.


City Internet

Citizens of Zagreb enjoy free access to wireless Internet in public spaces.


Easy access destination

People with disabilities are the largest minority group of tourists in the world.


Sustainable architecture

Sustainable lifestyle, ecology and nature have found their place in various elements of our lives: from the food we eat, and the products we buy to our daily habits and thoughts.


Mobile applications and websites

We live a fast-paced life and search for information online when we are sitting on the tram, when eating lunch or waiting for a friend to join us for coffee.


Unique, diverse and delicious

Since ancient times, Zagreb has been tightly connected to the hills and plains that surround it.


Green transport

Perhaps one of the most important symbols of sustainability are new methods of transportation.



The capital of Croatia is also its technology hub - it is home to 80% of the domestic IT industry.


Street art

Art is no longer confined to institutions. Art goes out into the streets and becomes visible and accessible to everyone.

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