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Six perfect spots in Zagreb for long autumn walks

The arrival of autumn in Zagreb is the right time for long leisurely strolls through the city, painted in earthy tones with accentuated gold and ruby red hues.

And as a city steeped in nature, Zagreb boasts places that will meet all wishful expectations once autumn has arrived.

And so, make the most of the warm sun as it defies the pungency in the air, put on your coats (though be sure to take an umbrella, just in case) and set off for one of these places – a real autumn idyll awaits!

Maksimir Park

Its five lakes, zoo, pavilions, summer homes, sculptures and the beautiful forest-park in Maksimir attract locals and visitors for centuries to take enchanting autumn walks in the green heart of Zagreb. Centuries-old oak forests then shine with a new splendor, as their crowns turn golden red and the ground brims with acorns. With all the playful animals in the park preparing for the coming winter, don't be surprised if a cute squirrel whizzes past you with its plentiful supply of autumn fruit!

Mirogoj Cemetery

Mirogoj is deservedly considered to be among the most beautiful European cemeteries. This place of peace and serenity is more than just an everlasting resting place, in fact, it boasts an open-air art gallery with sculptures created by renowned Croatian artists. Architect Hermann Bolle also incorporated a park with lush vegetation into the cemetery between the romantic arcades, thus it comes as no surprise that the cemetery assumes a special golden charm in the autumn. Head for a walk along Mirogoj at All Souls' Day when hundreds of thousands of candles radiate special warmth and tranquility into the air to create a very special atmosphere.

Botanical Garden

Where else could you be swept away by autumn colors more easily than at the Zagreb Botanical Garden? A warm yellow, defiant green, luscious gold, striking red and soothing brown come together in this blend of nature and city harmony. Autumn is the perfect time to visit it – the garden is closed during winter to allow its 5,000 occupants to rest and relax before waking up again in spring.


Autumn brings particular joy to Medvednica. Here, the animals are busy preparing for winter, the earth is teeming with mushrooms, and the beech forests that dominate these slopes change their colors in response to this colder season. The warm autumn sun shines on its peak as winter approaches, so it's no wonder why many locals will always enjoy visiting this retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This mountain overlooking Zagreb is waiting for you, be it for a gentle stroll or a more challenging hike, a day trip or a longer visit.

Savica Lakes

Did you know that Zagreb is also home to a special wetland conservation area? The Savica Lakes lie close to the eponymous city neighborhood, and as soon as you find yourself there, it will be hard to understand how such nature, so full of peace and tranquility, can exist in the midst of a capital city. Crushed stone paths in between these lakes, surrounded by plants and vegetation in autumn hues are ideal for a relaxing stroll. Quick tip – you can find many small beaches here that are ideal for a relaxing picnic!

The Sava embankment

The Sava embankment attracts local recreational enthusiasts on a daily basis, with its nature becoming even more majestic in the autumn, as if it were made for leisurely and relaxing strolls. There is also Zagreb's largest open-air gallery, Aleja skulptura or the Alley of Sculptures, displaying contemporary sculptural creations of Croatian artists, and three somewhat unusual iron bicycles on the Trnjan embankment. Pause your walk, sit on one of them and start to pedal, and you'll soon discover that you've just lit up nearby lamps – now that' s a winning combination of recreation and sustainability!

Needless to say, even a stroll through the city streets will not disappoint. Throughout Zagreb, you will find greenery that changes its colors, historic buildings in the city center that look romantic in the autumn sun as well as in the fog, and something new waiting for you around every corner – take a walk and discover it!

Published: 20.10.2022