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Fun autumn activities for the whole family

Once the autumn has made its way into Zagreb and transformed it into a golden city, with temperatures still pleasant and the ground still covered in withered, rustling leaves, then it is the right time for fun outdoor activities!

So many locals choose to make the most of the last sunny days before winter sets in and everyone moves inside their cozy homes.

Both children and teenagers, adults and seniors, or even pets – everyone is welcome to participate in these activities throughout Zagreb and its surroundings, where the smells, sounds and sights of autumn are presented to the fullest.

From source to table

It is well known that autumn provides us with a handful of delicious fruits waiting for us not only in the markets and gardens, but also scattered in nature. That is what lures many people of Zagreb into taking a leisurely stroll through the city in search of mushrooms and chestnuts, and to visit vineyards and orchards to pick fresh grapes, apples or pears. Somebody might come across a walnut or hazelnut tree along the way!

Photo: Damjan Tadic / CROPIX

The autumn season is abundant with delicious fruits, and gathering them can be a great and fun activity for the whole family. This is not only a great way to get some exercise, but also a great way to gather ingredients for a proper family dinner.

Here lurks another fun autumn activity: cooking dishes and desserts from freshly gathered fruits. Apple pie, chestnut puree, porcini with eggs, cream pumpkin soup... Preparing these tasty autumn specialties can be a fun experience for the whole family!

Picnic in nature

Since you already prepared such delicious specialties, why not taste them surrounded by a wonderful scenery that you can only find in nature? Make the most of a sunny day, pack food and drinks, take a blanket and head to one of Zagreb's green oases that turn gold at this time of year.

Photo: Marko Miscevic / Cropix

A relaxing picnic with your loved ones is just what you need to experience the full synergy of autumn: gentle, warm sun touching your skin, the smell of fallen leaves, the sounds of migratory birds, the taste of autumn fruits, and the view of the trees flushed with earthy colors – a real treat for all the senses!

Light and relaxing walk

It is scientifically proven that nature and greenery are beneficial for physical and mental health. Even a simple, leisurely stroll can accomplish a great deal: other than the fact that walking provides recreation and thus improves fitness, the charming autumn nature has a calming and relaxing effect. There is no room for any stress or worries from everyday life when you go for a walk like this, and it also improves concentration and creativity – as a poultice for your mind.

Photo: Lice Grada

So head in the direction of Maksimir, Sava, Bundek, Mirogoj, Zrinjevac or Ribnjak! Take a leisurely stroll with your loved ones or your pet amidst autumn's earthy colors and delightfully gentle sunshine, and get to know the city and its most important places in its autumn setting.

Cable car ride

The Zagreb cable car takes you to the Sljeme station at 1,030 meters above sea level, and the twenty-minute ride promises a breathtaking view of Zagreb and its surroundings, immersed in autumn, a rainbow of earthy tones and a dance of the city and nature.

And as soon as you get to the top, you will find many opportunities for spending a quality family time. Stop by at one of the restaurants and enjoy the local cuisine, explore the Medvednica Nature Park, or visit the Grafičar lookout point – the sky is the limit!

The cable car departs from the Gračansko Dolje station, which can be reached by tram line 15, by bus lines 140, 227 and 223, or by car (free parking is also available nearby).

Autumn decorations DIY

If you decide to take a walk around one of the urban green spaces or visit Medvednica, you can pick up red and golden autumn leaves, cones and acorns, chestnuts and dry twigs along the way so you can create autumn decorations at home.

This is a fun activity that anyone can join, the youngest as well, allowing them to express their creativity. And along the way, take a piece of the city's autumnal charm right into your own home.

Not only are these activities a great way to have fun and relax, but they also remind us to value our natural resources and the nature itself. As a modern European city, Zagreb also places great emphasis on sustainability. Because of this, you can rest assured that your every step is heading towards a greener and brighter future!

Published: 25.10.2022