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Zagreb and surroundings

Zagreb and surroundings

The surrounding area of Zagreb is indeed special and filled with things to do and see for all visitors. Hills, mountains, plains, rivers and lakes make for geographically most diverse part of Croatia. From a historical perspective, this area was overflowing with paths connecting different empires, cultures, markets, languages, religions and philosophies, so it’s no wonder their legacy is so abundant.

Well preserved castles with rich history are set on northern and western mountains and have some of the best possible views. The south and the east are home to idyllic countryside cabins, mysterious ruins of once famous battles and natural wonders that will capture your imagination. Just step outside the city and you’ll find yourself in another world.
Let us not forget delicious, traditional food that is the perfect companion to tasting local varieties of wine. Kremšnita, štrukli, klipići, gibanica and mlinci are just some of the meals that will make you feel at home. If love indeed goes through the stomach, here you will be very, very loved.
Whether you are seeking adventure, captivating history, charming nature or something new for your palates, you will be mesmerised by the emblems embracing Zagreb. When you need a break from the city rush, head out into the surrounding area and learn about the stories living there since time immemorial.

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