Erwin Wurm (b. 1954) is an Austrian artist and one of the most important actors on the global art scene.

His works can be found in numerous museum collections, among which stand out: MoMA (New York), Tate Modern (London), Center Pompidou (Paris), MUMOK (Vienna), and he also exhibited in numerous galleries and museums around the world & attracted huge masses of interested visitors. Last year's exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum was visited by over 260,000 people, under restrictions that were in force due to the pandemic.

Wurm’s artistic focus consists in problematizing contemporary society and everyday life. Through humorous and absurd elements, the artist deals with the Western mentality and symbols of success, sometimes deforming familiar scenes from everyday life to disturbing levels. Humour thus serves him only as bait to the observer, because as Wurm himself points out, when viewers get closer and observe his work, what they see is never pleasant. Wurm's playful criticism is also evident in the works he will present to the Zagreb audience this summer. He also exhibited the interactive work "Narrow House", at the prestigious Venice Biennale, and the design of this unusual house was based on the home in which he grew up. The narrowness of the house refers to the narrow-mindedness and stubbornness of the environment in which the artist grew up, while problematizing issues of personal space.


In addition to "Narrow House", the exhibition in Lauba will present a popular series of works "One Minute Sculptures" that invites visitors to interact with works of art and a great "Fat Mini", a car that applies additional materials to the structure of Mini Cooper problematizes social status. The audience will also have the opportunity to drink from Wurm's famous "Drinking sculptures'', and get to know the creative inner world of artists through video works and performative sculptures.

The presentation of Erwin Wurm's works in Lauba is the most exciting art event in Croatia since curator Želimir Košćević organized the exhibition "Enigma of the Object'' in 2004, where he presented works from the prestigious collection of the French National Museum of Modern Art Georges Pompidou to the Zagreb audience.

The exhibition in Lauba will be open from July 3 to August 25.


UNTITLED - attractive Wurm sculpture as a public intervention in the open space, PETR PRERADOVIĆ SQUARE (Cvjetni Square), July 3 - August 25, 2021.