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The capital of Croatia is also its technology hub - it is home to 80% of the domestic IT industry.

It is therefore not surprising that the city readily accepts new technological solutions and concepts and unites them with the way of life of the inhabitants, introduces digital solutions into its offer and makes room for a more sustainable future.

One of the examples are the digital benches that use solar energy for power supply, and enable charging of mobile devices, hotspot, air cooling during summer days as well as ambient night lighting.

Photo credit: Lice Grada

Of course, there is also the world-famous company Rimac Automobili, one of the world's leaders in the sustainable automotive industry, which is building a new campus on the periphery of Zagreb and putting the city on the list of world technology destinations.

Photo credit: Lice Grada

Numerous local companies in the field of technology, as well as the efforts of the city itself, have placed Zagreb on the path to a digital and sustainable future, which is getting closer to the final goal every day.