Museum Night 2019 – Museums and Digital Technology


Museums throughout Croatia will present their experiences with the application of digital technology and show visitors the future of museums.

On the night of 1 February the crowds will be heading once again for Museum Night! The theme of this year’s event is digital technology. Croatian museums use modern technology every day, which gives them an innovative and creative approach to new opportunities and provides better accessibility to museums for new segments of the public through various digital platforms such as mobile applications, tools, VR headsets and many more. Digital spaces enable you to search and explore an unbelievable amount of content, they enable temporary “spatial museumisation” and better accessibility for a large number of users. Museums have become attractive and exciting spaces for innovation in which curators, museum experts, art historians and innovators are finding new ways to display museum exhibits and to personalise the experience to the visitor. The public is thirsty for experiences, which can be translated into exploration, presentation, education, fun and opportunities to choose, in a manner inherent to today’s and tomorrow’s technical possibilities, and truly experience history, the present or the digital future. All of that experience in the application of digital technology in museums will be shared on Museum Night 2019, and the museums will show to visitors their own futures and the future of museums.