Cuisine: Delicious, Top Quality and Varied


A dynamic gastronomic scene of Zagreb, which was recently awarded the first Michelin star, constantly surprises us with novelties, skilfully combining a recognisable and renowned Croatian cuisine with international delicacies and cuisines of other countries.

Zagreb attracts visitors with its tourist and cultural offer, events and atmosphere, but also gastronomy. Restaurants are numerous and Noel is the first one in the Croatian capital to win a Michelin star in late February. There are also countless eateries, pastry shops and coffee houses which invite tourists to try dishes typical of Zagreb and the surrounding area, but also of other parts of Croatia.

However, it is best to start the gastronomic research of Zagreb at the very “source”, that is farmers’ markets of the city. Even though similar markets are found in various city districts, the most famous market is Dolac, very close to the main square, Ban Josip Jelačić Square. Due to an abundance of quality and always fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish, this is the very place where chefs of many Zagreb restaurants find ingredients.

Top quality ingredients along with the skill and creativity of chefs are the reason why guests highly appreciate Zagreb gastronomic offer. Naturally, it is accompanied by fine wines from the inland, but also coastal Croatia.

Tourist attention is frequently caught by restaurants that serve traditional dishes typical of the area, which is another way to get familiar with the city and the country they are visiting.

In addition to dishes from the Croatian inland, menus in Zagreb are filled with fish and seafood from the Adriatic. Zagreb also hosts restaurants of other European and non-European countries, so their varied cuisine can be enjoyed by both citizens of Zagreb and tourists.

Restaurants in Zagreb keep up with the trends regarding interior decoration and in spring time city terraces are open so the city atmosphere and delicious meals combine to create a unique, gastro-oenological experience of Zagreb.