Get to Know 1980s Zagreb - A New Museum in Radićeva ulica


Step into the apartment at Radićeva 34, where you’ll be teleported to the 1980s, the years of the Fićo, the Commodore 64 and typewriters.

In a historic building in Radićeva ulica, at no. 34, a museum has opened which takes you back to the golden age of the 1980s. As soon as you step into the first floor apartment you are transported to the past and enter a typical living room of a Zagreb family in the 1980s. There are board games popular at that time, a record player and records, a 1980s kitchen equipped with the dishes typical of the time, a study with a typewriter, a bedroom with a dressing table, a playroom with children’s games and toys… Leaf through the recipe books and see the popular recipes of the day, and delve into the world of 1980s fashion. Of more than 500 exhibits most noteworthy are the Commodore 64 home computer, a stamp collection, an album with a collection of lapel pins (very popular in those days), popular table games such as basketball and football, and toys made by Slovenian toy company Mehanotehnika. The Museum shop offers unique “retro” souvenirs, such as a retro erotic calendar and a range of collectible Zastava 750 (“Fićo”) model cars.

Everything is interactive; you can touch all the exhibits, photograph them, sit on the furniture, flick through the albums, play the records, open the kitchen cupboards, look at the dishes, and sit in the “Fićo”, a car that was more than a means of transport. The 1980sZagreb project was launched by the Brand new retro Company. The collection, which is one of the most varied private collections of items from the 1980s, was collected from all over Croatia. This is a museum which attracts tourists and locals with a touch of nostalgia alike, as well as younger generations who want to see how people lived in those years of great music, excellent films and discos!