Turkish Airlines – Fly Cheaper to Zagreb Christmas Market


Turkish Airlines is the official airline of the Zagreb Christmas Market and offers special discounts for selected reservations.

Turkish Airlines is once again the official airline during Advent in Zagreb. This prestigious company has recognised the value of the Zagreb Christmas market and joined the Zagreb Tourist Board in promoting it in long-haul destinations. Thanks to Turkish Airlines and special discounts for selected reservations for flights to Zagreb, all you have to do is reserve your place on one of the flights and discover why Advent in Zagreb is so magical. You can take a pleasant flight to the city whose Christmas market has been voted Best in Europe three years in a row with the airline which has been voted best in Europe six years in a row, and which is celebrating 20 years on the market in Zagreb.

Turkish Airlines makes the world more accessible with a network of over 290 international destinations in more than 120 countries. Thus, Turkish Airlines holds the title of the company which flies to more countries than any other company in the world. Turkish Airlines is also the leading airline in the world by number of destinations in which its planes land, of which there are more than 280. They have been connecting Zagreb and Istanbul since 1998, and due to increased interest since last year two daily flights were introduced.