A Journey through History and the Present Day: the Seljan Brothers, Zagreb While It Wasn’t, “Tolerance”


Travel and travellers, present-day heritage and tolerance as a necessity are some of the topics covered by three excellent exhibitions.

In Zagreb’s Ethnographic Museum the exhibition “The Seljan Brothers Through Rainforests and Deserts” runs from 3 May to 18 November. Croatian explorers Mirko and Stevo Seljan are famous for their multidisciplinary expeditions at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries in east Africa and South America. This exhibition covers all their journeys and expeditions: Mirko’s trip on foot from St Petersburg to Paris, their trip to Ethiopia and explorations in South America.

The project “Zagreb While It Wasn’t– Before the Year 1094” was begun in 1990 and today there are 13 locations where archaeological and paleontological remains have been found. The items, which usually make their way from the site to the museum, this time have taken the opposite route – from the museum back to the site. After almost 30 years, the project’s creators wish to present everything that has been done up to now through this exhibition. It will take place from 5 June to 19 August in Zagreb’s Archaeological Museum.

Until 16 May in front of the School of Applied Arts and Design and in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art the international exhibition “Tolerance” has been set up. This is a travelling exhibition of posters by designers from around the world brought together by renowned graphic artist Mirko Ilić. From an initial 21 posters the exhibition has grown to include 70. As Milton Glaser, the designer famous for the “I Love NY” logo and one of the contributing artists, says: “Tolerance is essential for humans to embrace. It is the only antidote for the competitive drive that characterizes our species.”