Zagreb on the “Streets” – the 21st Cest is d’Best


From 31 May to 4 June on the Zagreb streets and squares the 21st international multimedia street festival Cest is d’Best will be held!

This is a festival which brings enthusiasm, positive energy and healthy laughter to all: children, employees, clowns, union members, students, pensioners, trumpet players, foreigners, locals, hedonists, idealists, environmentalists, local patriots, sports people, musicians, actors, philosophers, dancers, runners, the noisy, the quiet…  A hundred performers from all corners of the world bring 5 days full of performance, music, drama, stuff for kids, art, sports and other events. The festival will thus once again erase the boundaries between established forms of culture and the “alternative” scene, and bring together all generations of citizens in a programme in which everyone can take part.

This year’s festival will mark 50 years of one of the most significant musical and cultural movements from America in the 1960s which manifested itself across Europe: the Hippy movement. During the festival through a variety of artistic activities and installations the messages of the Hippy movement will be communicated: Love, Peace, Anti-War and others, while on 3 June to celebrate this there will be a performance of songs from the cult musical “Hair” on Cvjetni trg.