Zagreb Night Tenner – 2500 Runners to Feel the Rhythm of the Streets


Sunday 4 November and 10 kilometres by night through the centre of Zagreb. That’s the Night Tenner, a cult Zagreb street race.

The Aktivan život Sport & Recreation Association,  in partnership with the Zagreb City Office for Health, is organising a city street night race, the 7th Zagreb Night Cener (“Tenner”), during Fight Against Addiction Month. Once again the race will be 10,000 metres long, and the start is at 7 PM on Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog, which is also the location of the finish. This year’s Zagreb Tenner also brings us something new. Runners are supposed to think up their own motivational message which begins “I am 100%...” and transform their positive energy into positive action. The spectators, which this race is famed for, will have to prepare their vocal chords well as well as their supporters’ accessories as they will be required to be louder than ever. The energy levels, or rather the sound levels of support for the Zagreb runners, will be measured with special devices and transformed into donations for the Sunce advice centre. The louder the supporters, the more money goes to this NGO. It’s worth mentioning the record holders for the race: Biljana Cvijanović broke the women’s record in 2016, completing the race in 00:35:23, while the men’s record was broken last year by Rok Puhar, with 00:31:18. So, here’s your chance to break  those records!