The Bike-Friendly Metropolis – Zagreb Loves Cyclists


Good news and welcome recognition have arrived for Zagreb's cyclists and those who have yet to pedal their way round the city.

According to Euronews, Zagreb has taken sixth place in their ranking of the “bike friendly” capital cities of Europe thanks to the 10.1% of citizens who use a bike as their main mode of transport on a daily basis. The absolute winners were Copenhagen and Amsterdam with 35% and 32% of citizens who use this means of transport every day. Ahead of Zagreb were also Berlin, Ljubljana and Helsinki, but with 13, 12 and 11 percent respectively the difference wasn’t so great.

Zagreb has therefore also caught up with European trends by bike. The results will, we are certain, be better with every new upgrade of cycling infrastructure. London plans the building of “cycle superhighways”, in Holland the building of fast lanes for bikes is planned, and the European Cyclist’s Federation has, in cooperation with public authorities, the business community and non-governmental organisations created a “EU Cycling Strategy” with the aim of increasing the proportion of bicycles in transport from 8% to 12%. Zagreb has almost reached the desired level, to the delight of cyclists of all kinds, both locals and visitors.

Image credit: City of Zagreb, YouTube