Strossmartre – Summer on Stross


On Strossmayerovo šetalište, at the foot of the Lotrščak tower, this year too the citizens of Zagreb and their guests can expect a wealth of events and entertainments every single day. Because, on 25 May Summer on Stross starts and will last until 17 September!

Summer on Stross or “Strossmartre” brings us concerts, exhibitions, creative workshops for children and adults, crazy performances, art installations, unusual and fun prizewinning competitions, the nostalgic atmosphere of the open air cinema, artists with their canvases and a glass of excellent wine… Every day, from the morning hours until deep into the night, on Strossmayerovo šetalište, in the shade of horse chestnut trees, in the Upper Town which with the rising of the sun turns into a big city stage. Around 100 days of fun and pleasant gatherings, on Stross where there is a place for absolutely everyone.