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Project continues - Slopey ramps on Jurišićeva Street

With the simple, portable ramps which have now been installed on Jurišićeva Street, the Slopey project continues to help disabled persons access previously inaccessible places which had one or two steps at the entrance.

After being introduced last year as a pilot project on Tkalčićeva Street, a total of 22 portable Slopey ramps have now also been installed along Jurišićeva Street. Places with one or two steps at the entrance have now been equipped with Slopey ramps so disabled persons can now access previously inaccessible places and  explore everything that interests them at the destination while they travel.

The Slopey ramps are a product of the tourist agency specialised in providing for tourists with disabilities, TravAbled, whose owners are Stipe Splivalo and Siniša Kekić. Both of them are disabled and wheelchair bound, so they are familiar with the problems disabled persons face every day. This inspired them to seek out a solution for themselves, and they found it thanks to the expertise and great help from the personnel at Lipovica-Popovača Penitentiary and the Zagreb Tourist Board.

The Slopey ramps have been constructed according to the highest standards, and they are characterised by simplicity and diversity. Due to their universal use, they can be placed pretty much anywhere. According to regulations, the ramps cannot be placed permanently in front of public building entrances during working hours, so persons who require the ramps should phone ahead with requests for the ramps to be put down at an arranged time.

After these two streets, the ramps will also be installed in other parts of the city in order to increase the development of accessible tourism and enable disabled persons to get to know Zagreb without any obstacles hindering them as they do so.

Published: 04.11.2016